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From left to right:  Congressman Mike Waltz, Sparton CEO William Toti, and Secretary of the Navy, Kenneth Braithwaite.

With more than 40 years of experience in defense, federal contractor and consultant William Toti is the voice of authority in the areas of undersea warfare strategy, defense acquisition policy, and transitioning from active duty military into industry positions. An accomplished military and industry leader, author, and speaker, consulting by Mr. Toti can help you achieve victory in your mission.


Having substantial roles in major events in US history, Captain Toti, USN (Ret.), is also a sought-after consultant on World War II cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35) and the September 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon. Illuminating details, descriptions, and accounts of these impactful events, William Toti brings to life the days that changed the face of America forever.


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The Benefits of Toti Consulting

The benefits of a qualified consultant can breathe success into your mission. An accomplished military and industry leader, author, and speaker, William Toti of Toti Consulting LLC is the voice of authority on submarine warfare strategy, defense acquisition policy, military transition to industry career, and impactful events in US history.

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The original author of the Navy’s current “Full-Spectrum Antisubmarine Warfare” concept of operations, William Toti is able to speak to the objectives of a coordinate ASW campaign, including historical context from World War II submarine successes and failures. After traditional methods of sensor-based submarine warfare proved ineffective, a comprehensive approach known as Full-Spectrum ASW was created in 2005. Retired submarine captain, author and consultant Captain Toti, USN (Ret.), is a leading authority on the steps it takes to defeat an enemy submarine.

For over a decade, William Toti specialized in running multi-billion-dollar global defense businesses for both products and services. Chief Executive Officer during the sale of Sparton by Cerberus Capital Management to Elbit Systems of America, Mr. Toti restructured and doubled the company’s value over a two-year period. 

Much of Toti’s book, From CO to CEO, draws from his experiences inside the Department of Defense (DOD) and from the point of view of industry on the subject of defense acquisition. As a defense acquisition consultant, he is able to provide clarity and common-sense recommendations on how to improve defense acquisition policy and process.

Smooth sailing into civilian life and career is sadly not the transition that many service members encounter. In fact, statistics and real-life reports from former predecessors show struggle in the area of career change. More than half of those surveyed about the process felt as if they had little to no help with the transition. With over 200,000 personnel transitioning to career each year, the impact of career transition failure is too steep to go it alone.

That’s why retired naval commanding officer and former CEO of Sparton Corporation William J. Toti wrote From CO to CEO: A Practical Guide for Transitioning from Military to Industry Leadership. An inspiring speaker and consultant, Captain Toti, USN (Ret.), helps exiting military make the most of industry career as they navigate and accelerate their climb to the top. With extensive experience in applicable steps for every phase of transition and growth, William Toti is available for consulting on military transition into industry positions.

What He Brings to the Table as a Military, Defense, and Leadership Consultant

William Toti brings a lifetime of exceptional education, depth of professional and personal experience, and hard-earned knowledge to the table. With 26 years of active military service and over 40 years of defense experience and leadership, the exceptional journey of William Toti has taken him from a 17-year-old Navy enlistee to high-level positions in both the Pentagon and multi-billion-dollar defense businesses.

Graduating in 1979 from the prestigious United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, Mr. Toti holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the U.S. Naval Academy, a master’s degree in spacecraft systems engineering, the pre-doctoral Electrical Engineer degree from the Naval Postgraduate School, and has done executive coursework at the Harvard Business School.

In his 26 years of Navy service, William Toti was commander of Fleet Antisubmarine Warfare Command Norfolk, commodore of Submarine Squadron 3, and commanding officer of the nuclear fast attack submarine USS Indianapolis (SSN-697).

Following the decommissioning of his final submarine command, Captain Toti served for more than nine years in the Pentagon, including tours as special assistant to the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, as Navy representative to the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, and as deputy director of the Navy War Plans Cell, Deep Blue.

He also served as a Federal Executive Fellow at the Brookings Institution and as a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar XXI Fellow in International Affairs.

A seven-time recipient of the Legion of Merit and a recipient of the “Wash 100” list of most influential leaders in the government contractor sector (2016), William Toti transitioned to industry upon retirement from the United States Navy. He has authored books on full antisubmarine warfare as well as how to transition successfully from military to industry.

In two years as CEO of Sparton, he was able to restructure and double the company’s value, taking it through the sale of Sparton by Cerberus Capital Management to Elbit Systems of America. Prior to joining Sparton he spent more than a decade running multi-billion-dollar global defense businesses, for both products and services, including time as president of the Integrated Maritime Systems sector at L3, as vice president of the defense segment of Hewlett Packard, HPE, and DXC, as president of Cubic Global Defense, and as vice president of Raytheon’s Mission Support Operations. He has served on Boards of Directors of ERAPSCO, JT3, and the Italian defense company Calzoni.

Further awards include HP Executive of the Year (2013), the FedScoop 50 Industry Leadership Award (2012), and the Rear Admiral John J. Bergen Industry Award from the Navy League of the United States (2010). He is a lifetime member of the U.S. Naval Institute, the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.

William Toti’s lived experience through the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and his close relationship to the story and survivors of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) World War II heavy cruiser bring to light historic details and narrative about these two impactful events in US history. 

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