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William Toti can be found in numerous documentaries and televised interviews. The below listing displays some of his most popular appearances over the years. 


Through his decades of service and the extensive list of interviews and media appearances, Mr William Toti can be found in numerous published videos. The videos & appearances below have been grouped by topic. 

Friday, May 27, 2022:  Fox Business Channel “Varney & Company” show, in the 9 am to noon block.

Monday, May 30, 2022 (Memorial Day): Fox News Channel “Fox & Friends” show, in the 7 am to 9 am block.

“The Lost Ships of World War II” 8-episode docuseries streaming on Fox Nation channel starting May 29, 2022.







  • “9/11: One Day in America” (National Geographic, 2021): available on AppleTV, Disney+, Hulu, NationalGeographic.com, Amazon Prime Video, JustWatch.com.


  • 9/11: The Pentagon” (The History Channel, 2020): available on AppleTV, History.com, Amazon Prime Video.


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