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The situation in Ukraine

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The situation in Ukraine

I worked for a few years on security in Ukraine, so I was asked for my thoughts on the situation between Ukraine & Russia right now. I did a podcast on the subject, titled “More than a few thoughts on the situation in Ukraine.” It’s long, but this is not a simple matter. I hope this provides some degree of understanding. Hope you find it useful. #JethroHelpsUkraine #armukrainenow #presidentzelenskyy


Contents of this video:

00:00 Beginning

01:08 Jethro helps Ukraine

02:11 Why should you listen to me?

02:40 Let’s start with a map

05:16 Russia’s Invasion of the Republic of Georgia

07:31 Some history of Ukraine

08:35 Holomodor

10:16 The Revolution on Granite

10:41 Cooperative Threat Reductions

11:46 The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances

13:51 The Orange Revolution

15:26 Euromaidan

22:12 My meetings with members of Congress

23:47 My meeting with President Petro Poroshenko

26:23 A little about Russia

31:35 How NATO has evolved since 1997

32:49 A little about President Zelenskyy

35:34 Keeping the White House honest

39:20 What about World War III?

40:58 What about China?

43:51 What should we do at the national level?

45:44 How you can help

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