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Podcast Episode 4: Things I Wish I Knew Back When

Chapter 3:  Things I Wish I Knew Back When

In chapter three of my book, “From CO to CEO: A Practical Guide for Transitioning from Military to Industry Leadership,” I share about the things I wish I knew back when.
In this video, you’ll hear a story about when I selected my Eagle Scout project as a 15-year-old and the advice my Scout Master gave me. Even though I didn’t fully understand what he meant at the time, I understood after the project and it’s something that still resonates with me today.

The lessons I lay out in this chapter changed my view of humanity, specifically when it comes to the transition from military to industry. Tune in as I go through a few of these lessons and pre-order your copy of the book today at williamtotibook.com

The right answer’s different for everyone, so check this out and learn more at williamtotibook.com

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