Retired U.S. Navy Submarine
Captain and Commodore,
Author, Photographer and
Defense Industry Executive

Meet William Toti

Captain William J. Toti, USN (Ret) is a 1979 graduate of the US Naval Academy, serving for more than 26 years on active duty, including tours as Commanding Officer of the Los Angeles class nuclear submarine USS Indianapolis (SSN-697), as commodore of Submarine Squadron 3, and as commander of Fleet Antisubmarine Warfare Command (ASW) Norfolk. He served for more than nine years in the Pentagon, including tours as special assistant to the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, as Navy representative to the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, and as deputy director of the Navy War Plans Cell, Deep Blue.

After transitioning to industry in 2006, Toti served in various positions of increasing responsibility, to include Vice President positions in Raytheon, HP, DXC, and HPE, and as President in Cubic Corporation and L3, eventually rising to CEO of Sparton Corporation.

He has worked to support the survivors of the World War II cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35) for 25+ years, was named an honorary survivor and their honorary captain in 2005, and has been featured in several global release documentaries on the ship, including “USS Indianapolis: Live from the Deep” (2017, PBS), “USS Indianapolis: Legacy Project” (2016, Tiny Horse Productions), and “USS Indianapolis: the Final Chapter” (2019, PBS).

His narrative titled “Antoinette,” describing his experiences during the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon was incorporated into the book Operation Homecoming, published by Random House (2006).  He was featured in the 2016 PBS documentary, “9/11: Inside the Pentagon” and the 2020 History Channel documentary, “9/11: The Pentagon.”

From CO to CEO

You’ve spent years serving your country to get to this point, and now it’s time for you to transition to industry.

To optimize your transition, you need someone on the inside.  Someone who knows your military experience and understands the corporate world you are going to be transitioning to.

You need someone on the inside to help you through this transition.

That someone is me.

I spent 26 years on active duty, followed by 15 years working my way up the chain in industry, culminating in the position of CEO.  I’ve been out here doing it.  And I’ve learned a lot over these past fifteen years.

I can save you years of career agony, and tens of thousands of dollars in missed income opportunity.

I’m your man on the inside.

“Bill Toti’s book is a testament to understanding the interrelationship between military and industry, and is a must-read for those thinking of joining, and just as important for those who are already part of, this business of defense of the United States.”

Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward, USN (Ret) SEAL

“An insightful primer of incalculable value for every transitioning officer regardless of branch of service; full of useful tips and counterintuitive lessons based on real life experiences from one who successfully cracked the code.”

Brigadier General William C. "Bill" David

US Army (Ret)
From CO to CEO is the transition book military members need before their actual transition occurs. It is the manual for those considering making the change to industry. Just reading the book and gaining an understanding of both military and industry will make anyone who picks it up more aware and ultimately more successful.”

Colonel Keith Cooper, USA (Ret)

Senior Aerospace Executive
“It’s impossible to transition out of the military without a good guide. From CO to CEO lays out key insights and hard-earned wisdom from a senior corporate leader who has been there and done that. It is a testament of success—like a mini-MBA, a true triumph!”

John Thampi

Former US Army Captain
From CO to CEO is a reality-based, practical guide that should be required reading for any military member transitioning into the civilian workforce. Bill gives a first-hand account of what works and what doesn’t work outside of the military, and he helps clear the fog of uncertainty by providing actionable advice that is not based in theory.”

Captain Dennis Murphy, USN (Ret)

Former Vice President, Amgen